Suzanne's Kitchen Premieres at the DC Fancy Food Show

The DC Fancy Food Show was huge! It was like a culinary trip around the world. Suzanne's Kitchen Team

There were 2400 exhibitors’ from all over the world. It was difficult keeping the Suzanne’s Kitchen team out of Mexico; we are all fans of tequila!

Italy and Peru and many other countries were represented.  Many States in the US had whole rows dedicated to their states culinary contributions.  There was more to see than any of us could walk through and still represent at our own booth. 

At our booth there was a steady stream of tasters and we collected a multitude of contacts!  If one of them is reading this I am still working on following up. I will respond to every contact!

Check out my pictures of our booth and our very cute demo girls.  They were also a big hit and attracted a lot of attention around the show floor.  I am lucky to have such beautiful daughters and nieces!


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