Spice Up Your Holidays! Pepper Jelly Ghost is Here!!

Here at Suzanne’s Kitchen we are always going to spicy food shows and events. Through our adventures in spicy food we realized there is a heat seeking sub culture out there, and we wanted to be part of it!  After months of preparing we finally made it to the factory to create our hottest product yet. Introducing for sale just in time for the holidays… Suzanne’s Kitchen Pepper Jelly GHOST!

Pepper Jelly Ghost contains the same three ingredients as our Pepper Jelly Hell, but adds the ghost pepper, which was previously recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the hottest pepper in the world! We knew if we wanted the Ghost peppers cut and seeded to perfection we would have to do it ourselves. As you see from our photos below we were equipped with goggles, masks, and gloves to tackle these spicy chilies. We were not looking our best that’s for sure. Once we were finished we brought our cooler full of our dangerously hot peppers to Lancaster PA for our factory date. This was a sight to be seen!

 Once all the ingredients were in the hot kettle a spicy tingle filled the air. Many of the factory workers were trying hard not to cough while they worked. Feeling bad, and trying to help move the process along we got right on the line and helped place our Ghost Jelly labels. It felt great to have a hand in every single aspect of this product! We are so ecstatic with the final product. If you are one of those heat seekers out there you will love our new Pepper Jelly Ghost! 

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