Suzanne's Kitchen 1st Annual Fiery Food Show

The Suzanne's Kitchen crew, Stephanie Hiem Glover, Stephanie Sue Glover, Cheri Glover, Tracy Carlson, and myself, Suzanne Glover, experienced the Fiery Food Show for the 1st time. I have a feeling it won’t be the last.

We started our adventure by traveling through the airport in our sparkling Suzanne’s Kitchen cowboy hats.  We drew quite a few looks, but also it encouraged people to ask us what the deal was so we could tell them about our product and the show.  We wore the hats through out the show-- it was a great advertisement!

Cowgirl Crew

The show had a record attendance of 20,000 people! It was set at the base of the mountains of Albuquerque, New Mexico, on an Indian Reservation, at the Sandia Resort & Casino.  With this beautiful location and such a great group of exhibitors, it would be difficult not to go back.

I’d like to shout out to some of our favorite neighbor vendors.(See pictures in the photo gallery)  Directly next to our booth was Horse Tooth Sauces, a sister-brTequila Breakother team that was always happy to share a shot of Patrón.  On our other side was Garduno's; they were wonderful. They shared their industry tips as well as tons of (too much) chips and queso!  Hank and his wife, the Bloody-Mary Duo, were super too, and have encouraged us to do a show in Vegas next December.  Last but not least our neighbor across the isle had a massage stand-- needless to say, at a $1 a minute several of us took advantage!

Crowds Form to Sample SK Products

This was a 3 day show that was only open to trade in the mornings then opened to the public in the afternoon. My team was exhausted at the end of every day. It was non-stop demo-ing and selling. Our sales were brisk, but we're always looking to improve (got to fund that Vegas trip!). We have decided that with repeat customers and a new streamlined demo process we will have an even more successful show next year.

Good times spent with family and friends and pepper jelly and Patrón are always worth the time and effort. With that as our guage this show was a HUGE sucess and must be repeated!

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